Featured Alumni

Tim Baxter

President & COO of Samsung Electronics America

Class of 1983

With a Marketing degree from RWU providing a foundation of business and entrepreneurial skills, Tim Baxter launched a game-changing career in consumer electronics that has spanned more than 30 years. Whether it’s wireless phone technology or cutting-edge cloud-computing programs, Baxter has leveraged his education from Roger Williams University to make a direct impact in the consumer electronics industry, where he’s been leading change as President of Samsung Electronics America and, previously, at Sony and at AT&T.


“As an alumnus, as the parent of a student who just graduated, as the vice president of the Alumni Association, and as a trustee, I’m very committed to the enhanced success of Roger Williams University. This university took a chance on me as a student, offered me many opportunities and then gave me the post-graduation confidence I needed to be successful.

In the past three decades, I’ve witnessed the really incredible transformation of Roger Williams University. And I would argue that’s due in large part to the success of our alumni. Throughout the country and the world, spanning a phenomenal range of industries and professions, Roger Williams alumni are the common denominator that have propelled this institution to excellence.”